"Milan to drink"

Milan in recent years is "flying" for construction, redevelopment and prices at the European level; All this was also possible thanks to a very strong interest and investment of foreign capital in the Milanese province. The choice of a district in Milan depends on one's personal needs, work and economic possibilities, as well as on the aesthetics of the place: from the more modern City Life to the historic Brera. Each district of Milan has strengths, which can influence the choice of a house to buy.
Brera: one of the oldest districts of Milan, known as one of the most exclusive areas of the city. The part called Brera Vecchia is characterized by narrow streets, historic buildings, open courtyards and small shops; the modern area is instead characterized by wider streets, modern buildings, parks and a great variety of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. Brera is also the area where some of the most important museums in Milan are located, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Natural History and the Academy of Fine Arts. Prices often and willingly in this area are made "per unit" to "real estate unit", not even per square meter.
Navigli: one of the most famous districts of Milan, it is located in the south-west area of ​​the city and is characterized by artificial canals which were once transport routes for ships and boats. Today many canals have been replaced by roads and the main canals remain. However, the neighborhood retains a quaint atmosphere, with its many antique shops, second-hand markets and seafood restaurants. Navigli is also one of the liveliest areas of the city, with its many nightclubs, pubs and discos.
Isola: one of the most attractive districts of Milan, located in the north-east area of ​​the city. Its name derives from the fact that the area was once an island, separated from the rest of the city by navigable canals. Today Isola is a district rich in history and culture, with numerous historic buildings, antique shops and art galleries; the area is also known for its numerous parks and gardens, such as the Porta Nuova Park and the Villa Reale Park, as well as one of the liveliest areas of the city, with its numerous bars, restaurants and night clubs.
Città Studi: university district…. Modern and young, it is located in the north-east area of ​​the city. Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Milan ... are among the main inducements of the Milanese city. Also known for its rich cultural heritage, with numerous museums, art galleries and theatres. The area is also full of shops, restaurants and nightclubs, ideal for those who love the nightlife.
Garibaldi: the most modern district of Milan, located in the north-west area of ​​the city. The name derives from the fact that the area has the railway station named after Giuseppe Garibaldi. The neighborhood is characterized by many offices, hotels and commercial buildings, as well as restaurants, pubs, night clubs and multiple services.
We arrive at the mere economic trend of the prices of the various districts: Brera is one of the most exclusive districts of the city and it is also one of the most expensive, with prices that can reach 15,000 euros per square meter or even much more, as we mentioned previously. “unique pieces” or particularly valuable ones. The Navigli are relatively more accessible, with prices that usually vary from 5,000 to 7,000 euros per sq m; Isola and Città Studi move from 5,000 to 6,000 euros per sq m; Finally, Garibaldi can easily reach 9,000 euros per square meter. But it must be taken into account that the evaluations in recent years have moved to rise month by month with some evaluations that in any case deviate from what is the "average" of the neighborhood.

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